Konosuba picked up by Yen Press

Great news for everyone who wants a quality translation! Yen Press has picked up this project.

This site started because they DMCA me without licensing anything, which was just stupid.

Now that they have licensed it, it is only right to stop since they are releasing an official version. Not right to deny the author her share of the profits.

Vanir fanfic will be uploaded starting next week, and fanfic 9 will be the last volume to be worked on.



  • Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    And, u will this project stop?

  • xxshade

    or bad news if you want read asap =/

  • yuNS

    Ah, lets home their translator for this series is not the trash quality of No Game No Life.

  • madafaka

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. well thank you very much for translating this it’s one of the only japanese novels im still reading because it’s so fun. too bad you will drop it :/ as for the “quality” part. everything you put out was very high quality and i saw the yen press version of no game no life and it was horrible so…

  • Ichsan Nur

    1 volume left until goodbye to kazuma party…~T_T~

    But the explosion series and the new vanir series will continue right? Right? Please at last save this two…

    • yuNS

      Vanir’s series, Consulting with this Masked Devil will continue alongside Explosion on Wednesday until the June the 22nd. After which Volume 9 will come out on June the 24th, so you can expect the final fanfic from this site to ship early August.

      • Ichsan Nur

        Yay… at last that two still active….
        I would love to buy the licenses version but there is no way to get it in my country and i still underage to get a credit card.. ̄ε  ̄

        • yuNS

          You can try getting a debit card and order off amazon

  • BellyTom

    U see, licensing to me is like a death sentence to a LN. because first of all: no yen press branch exists here in where I live. Plus i was told that their translation quality is not satisfying and last: i don’t even get to read their scans on the internet, how frustrating this must be? but yes, THANKS ALOT to whoever contributed in translating this “fanfic” and u won’t be easily forgotten..and hopefully someone would do me a favor and upload the scans when Yen Press reaches vol 10 and beyond..and sry for the long speech

    • Village Idiot

      Book Depository

      They ship internationally


      • BellyTom

        My Country isn’t on the list, and i’m still studying with no part time job in the least and it’s sad :/

        • Village Idiot

          If you have a tablet, see if you can find Yen Press LN releases on Google Play Store or Kindle.

          Theres an almost 100% chance that Konosuba will get a digital release since Kadokawa co-owns Yen Press now. No digital licencing fees.

          • BellyTom

            I see, thanks for the informations

          • Bananna

            Couldn’t find any book released by yen press in google play store, is it a regional thing?

          • IamAnonimous

            Yes it is.

          • John Pluto Smith

            I’m 14. My parents doesn’t allow me to buy these things.

    • linoewoq2

      I agree. My sentiments can be summarised into 3 words. F*** Yen Press.

      This is mainly due to greed from the english publisher side rather than the Japanese authors. English publishers see opportunity to earn money from Light Novels to English speaking countries (mainly US since nearly ALL OF THEIR SHIPPING/OUTLETS are available in the US only and it will be inconvenient for any other country to really get). I been with the community since 2011 and have since seen countless of LN fall from baka-tsuki and private translators such as Sky. The most prominent example i can give is probably “To aru Majustu no Index” and that’s skipping Mahouka/Yahari/Overlord/Log Horizon and the countless of other titles that have been done in by them.

      For example “To aru Majutsu no Index” has around 22 volumes (excluding New Testament which i’m grateful that its still ongoing in the LN community). Yen Press right now only has 7 volumes published since the licensed it 2013/2014 (i forgot) whereas i still have the full 22 translated volumes on my drive (And Js06 translations are quality). Another title i want to bring up is Mahouka which me and other poor readers have to get information of the latest volume from the fan made wikia. Mahouka has 19 chapters and the 20th is coming out soon. However, Yen Press is only on volume 2.

      What pisses me off the most about Yen Press is its amazingly slow releases in restrospect to the source material. To Aru’s anime has already pushed to volume 14/15 and Mahouka’s anime has cleared until Volume 7. At the rate the translations are coming out from Yen Press it will take them YEARS before they can even consider to reach the 1 volume behind in translations that most of us enjoy now in the online community.

      Now my worst fear for the translating english publishers is that they will “abandon” the project once they finally realise the amount of money they can earn is minimal since no one will want to buy their product, continuing the project is useless and the translations will halt altogether. This happened to one title “Hidan no Aria” even though i no longer read that. Therefore effectively ENSURING that us English readers no longer can enjoy the stories from Japanese LNs.

      I know i have been ranting alot but this keeps happening to me year in year out. I get hooked on a LN starts following it recommending it to be pals but it gets taken down due to Yen Press. I’m sick and tired of it. My only hope now is that Yen Press somehow magically speeds up translations for all titles under their name instead of procuring more to piss off online readers like me becuz im not against supporting the author but the slow releases and potential of halting a title altogether makes me stop reading japanese titles and go to wuxia (since the threat is non evident… YET)

    • BlackNov

      =( this is too sad tbh, lose all the games in LOL and go here for the weekly update to see this. The fan-base translation is always the best one can wish for and now that’s gone. Gonna have to wait for all the slow release volume by volume, no more reading it on laptop.

      I hope the translation quality from Yen press worth all the money, so fk sad…

  • TehCoopaTroopa

    that’s a shame, I get the logic behind this, but lets face it if the translation ever comes out it’ll take like 50 years to catch up

  • Necrozis147

    Bad news for me.
    Goodbye konosuba. In my country imposible get a license content.
    Thanks for translate. And sorry for my english.

    • Village Idiot


      They ship internationally.

      Also theres an extremely high chance of a digital release.

      • Danguy

        Internatonal ≠ all countries. I checked. There is no my country in their international list. Only one hope if they will release digital version

        • Village Idiot

          Well Kadokawa owns Yen Press so a digital release is a no brainer since there is no digital licensing costs.

          The big question you should be wondering about is whether or not this will be a Bookwalker exclusive or not.

          • Ichsan Nur

            What happen if its bookwalker exclusive…? Any way what si bookwalker? Mind to explain?

          • Village Idiot

            Bookwalker is Kadokawa’s own digital store app.

            Basically instead of buying digital LNs through Google Play or Kindle, you’ll need to buy them off Bookwalker.

            You can read purchases off Bookwalker either on PC or via your Apple/Android device.

            It does not need an online connection if you’re using Apple/Android.

          • IamAnonimous

            Download Bookwalker once and you will see that it is not an app you want to read your LNs in. You are better off with the physical copy tbh

  • Bloodraven

    Thanks for translating the series up until now .
    One can only hope that Yen Press does a good job with this amazing series.
    Looking forward to vol 9 of the fanfic !

  • Minikui saru

    To be honest, I’m extremely satisfied with your translations. I appreciate your effort and to be honest, if you wish to continue translations you should. It will take a few years for them to catch up with the current translations and even when they do, who’s to say they will continue releasing the English versions to all LNs. Anyways thanks for the translations as always, you guys are awesome!

  • Axelero

    Soo…will you stop translating the main story? :v

  • Rape Queen Plutia

    Keep translating you cumbucket

  • Anon

    I don’t get it
    Wasn’t the whole point of moving to a fanfiction site so you can keep translating?

    • Blahtoto

      No, he moves because of DMCA by Kadokawa even though Konosuba is not licensed at that time…

  • Langvu

    i hate YenPress. This is the seond time they took from me an incredible LN with such dedicated Translaters away. What can they even do? Those ruthless people only thinking about making money out of everything we love by such-called “licsensing” (which is actualy a law). I loved and still love this serie and i appreciate your hard work on bringing us these masterpieces. So thank you very much
    (could you perhaps still continue this smh? I dont really understand much about copyright and stuffs)

  • PereBK

    bueno solo queda una opcion………

    • Steal-Man

      por favor si puedes leer en español todavia queda el tio Gustang quien traqduce la version al español, tardara bastante tiempo para que alcance la traduccion al ingles, pero sera mas rapido que Yenpress y continuaran incluso despues del volumen 9.

      • PereBK

        si no queda de otra pero tomara tiempo en llegar al 9 habra que esperar

  • nomad141

    as everyone here has already said people like me and other guys on this comment section dont have acces to licensed content and even if i had i would probably download it from somewhere else like most of my games on the pc, i know you probably wont translate it anymore (otherwise you would have picked up log horizon and overlord again) so if someone that can translate read this comment please do translate
    BTW whats gonna happend to this page after you drop the project?

  • Brainanda Talydeppa Alirahman

    zzz…. let’s say, they took 3 month (fastest) pace, it’ll took 30 years until volume 10, god damn it!!!
    I can only give my gratitude to your effort translating KonoSuba until very this time,
    last, I can only hope, v9 later will give no cliffhanger, because it’s scary >_<

    • Anon

      Your math is way off

      • Brainanda Talydeppa Alirahman

        ah!! I wrote the one when I’m wayy too sleep and surprised read the death verdict >_<

  • thePosterWithNoName

    well, i gues fair is fair, sadly, like manoy of your readers it will become almost impossible for me to get the licensed LN in my country… unless YenPress goes forward with digital releases i think that vol 9 will be the end of konosuba for me, thanks for all your work and hope to read you again in another LN.

    • Village Idiot

      Extremely high chance of a digital release since Kadokawa owns Yen Press now, so theres no licensing fees that hinders a digital release.

      The big question is whether or not it will be Bookwalker exclusive or not.

      If you want the physical version, https://www.bookdepository.com/ will ship internationally.

  • Village Idiot

    Thanks for all the work Sky and Co have worked on this series.

    Can’t wait to buy the official english version. Just hope that there will be a digital release, but even if there isn’t I’ll still buy the physical copy because I love this series so much.

    Lets just hope its a 3 month release schedule and not a 4 month release, and that YP will also pick up the side stories.

  • Village Idiot

    To those hoping for an english digital version, almost guaranted since Kadokawa owns YP now. Theres no licensing fees preventing it. The question is whether or not it will be a Bookwalker exclusive.

  • Hikki

    how about overlord volume 10??? will it have a fanfic it will release soon

  • Moe_Ronn

    Much thanks.

  • Bob Casimiro

    Well yen fcking press finally did it. Another one bites the dust because of these douches. Honestly, more fan translation teams do a better job free or from donations than them with their constant slaries. licenced releases often removes almost all those small nuances related to japanese culture such as the suffixes to the names which makes some scene show absolutely no sense. They are whitewashing these works. Licensed Releases are so slow as the creation of the new volumes or even slower. And finally thank you Sky and co. For all that you’ve done for us.

  • Mao

    So are you going to continue the fanfic? Please continue it!. Please. I know getting license is good and all, but it is not ‘good’ at all with me because I won’t be able to read it. Continue the Volume 9, Explosion! Chapters and Consultation with Vanir. Please

  • mainimi

    Guess I’ll have to wait until 2020 to keep reading.

  • Random Guy

    Well thanks for everything until now everyone
    I really love this novel since it so funny and your guys translation came out so quick and in good quality too
    i’ll be missing this novel it kinda suck that it got licensing but i guess more money too the author it like supporting her too
    well what will you guy be doing next if you please can you let us know so we can follow you guys
    Thanks for everything been a long ride

  • rozenmaiden

    well great. Well, i hope my countries’s LN publisher picked it up

  • lily

    I’m happy that the author got recognized for his / her work, but it’s impossible to get the English translated version on my country, or it’s very expensive to get. so i can only say goodbye to one of my favorite LN, for the author’s sake

  • VxXxV

    S A D B O Y S

  • Я Безымянный

    How about taking a political shelter and keep translating?

  • Puro

    Now i’m sad af. 1 more vol. before saying goodbye to konosuba :(( back to dxd

  • Einshart Stratos

    Yen press is not US only?

  • Mao

    Ugh so depressed after seeing this post. T_T

  • Nerimaki

    I dont know wat to feel.

  • Amaranthis

    Waiting 3 years for a volume 10 yen press translation, guess I can only hope that someone decides to translate it by that time.

  • Raku Ichijou

    Thanks for your hardwork.
    btw how about translating WN version?

    • Ilídio Magalhães

      Yeah, why not? If there are not already someone doing it like for Overlord, why not pick it up? The WN is rather short and as stop gap project, it would be great right?
      It would also be a great to finish the fic, or better, to turn it into a crossover between LN and WN.

    • Village Idiot

      No, the WN is too different.

      Vol 6 is cut in half (Kazuma got chased out by Claire after he decided to stay in the castle), Vol 7-8 of the LN and some characters didn’t even exist in the WN.

      • Zettai Zero

        can you please give me the link for the WN of it? thanks

    • Kazuto


  • community93

    Thanks for all the translations 🙂 , kinda sucks it probably will takes years before they catch up. I guess I have to seriously try learning japanese now.

  • kureko

    thank you for your great work now I have a reason to cry, I won’t be able to laugh in my office after reading konosuba.

  • Ilídio Magalhães

    Why do all the stories you guys translate get the “Licensed Notice of Death”? I’m not sure that’s a bad thing or a compliment to your work in publicizing a series. Anyway, thanks for the hard work. I will try to catch up before even what’s online gets taken down.
    PS: What will be the next hidden masterpiece you will be translating?

    • Ron

      I think because YP reads this site, lets them do the advertising and hard work of building a foreign (for Japan) reader base, and then swoops in to make money off of it.

      If Sky had the same contacts YP did, then this model would make more sense and be more fair. Sky would basically be doing a demo version to see what series catch interest, then an official version to sell themselves.

      As it is, YP just has connections, and so has access to that, while Sky are just normal unconnected people. This is how capitalism REALLY works and people are so naive to it. The entire thing is always rigged in favor of the connected. No different than any other system really, except now the serfs are more motivated to work for free because they don’t know better, whereas at least before they’d just do the bare minimum because they knew they’d never get anywhere if they did more haha.

  • Gerlou East Gujilde

    Does anyone know how can i get digital copies here from the Philippines?
    ever since they licensed “Danmachi” i gradually lost interest in that novel and i dont want that to happened to this series since i love all the characters…….. 🙁

  • imercenary

    Well nuts. There goes another one.

    Oh well. Time to wait ~5 years for the official translations to catch up or for it to be translated *somehow*.

    • And by that time we might forgot about this and all the other wonderful series they licensed. They becoming a distant memory to be forgotten in time.

    • otter 1

      YenPress release too SLow~~~i will married and had son by THEN~~~~~

  • Dissonance

    Yen Press… we meet again. In all honesty, fuck these guys. I absolutely loved this LN and their licensing will most likely prevent me from ever getting to the ending of this wonderful series.

  • Shent

    Well, https://frogkun.com/2015/05/03/stay-away-from-the-no-game-no-life-english-novel/ comes to mind, but let’s hope that’s not the case…. We can still buy it for the pictures right? Right?!? Very many thanks for not dropping it at the tip of a hat and continuing with the translations of vol9. Certainly fills one with positive feelings.

  • Allen Lamperouge

    Yen Press again? They keep chasing my favorite manga and LN one after another! This announcement really broke my heart. I will follow you If you translate another Novel. Thank For your hard work so far. I will be here waiting for your new work.

  • Rakushio

    Goddamn it Yenpress, there goes another series that’ll be going down the “waiting for it to catch up before being able to read a continuation of the story” abyss. It takes far too long for a series to catch up its torture T.T
    The official english translations also lack a lot of the japanese culteral flare and personality due to getting rid of suffixes for names (-sama,-kun,-chan etc) and removing written sound effects like ‘Kuh!’, ‘geh!’, or ‘uwah’. Those little touches are what make the fan translations so good.

  • Omar

    I really hate YP with all my might. I know money is importan and is great for the author and I would buy it… if I could!! But I can’t!! Not even the digital version T.T

    Thanks a lot for the hard work ’till now. I hope someone else take the proyect and keep on with the traslation… please TT.TT.

    P.S. YenPress I hate you!!!! (read it with Anakin voice (to Obi-Wan))

  • How much volumes are there for for this series so far? Also, when is the first volume to be released?

  • Kazuto

    Please don’t stop. Well with Yen Press licence, that’s makes me happy, because finally someone will print out the books legally. However this happines beat by my sadness, Yen Press Brench is not exist on my country T^T. even if it can buy online through another countries/international ship, the book’s price will be more expensive. in addittion, my country’s money rate to USD were so high. about 13500 for 1 usd, ugghh~ T^T

  • Wobbly Wobert

    Please do vol 10 guys, most of us will still buy official stuff but YenPress took forever and I need my weekly Konosuba fix. 🙁

    • Tatsumi

      I couldn’t agree more. As soon as Yen Press catches up to the Japanese LN and stays within a volume of it, I would just buy them from Yen Press. But that won’t happen. Currently reading Akame ga Kill! online while buying the english manga. Yen Press has up to Volume 5 translated, which goes up to chapter 23. The latest fan translated chapter is 70.

      I’m not patient enough to wait for Yen Press to translate 47 chapters, and I’m sure as hell not patient enough to wait for them to translate 9 LNs.

  • Deadpool

    As much as I died a little inside when I saw this post, I’d really want to support the Author. Gonna get this when it releases in Hardback, like Overlord, which I’ve already bought.

  • A Shit.

    Yen press a shit.
    I’ll die of old age before they catch up.

  • namae

    yenpress. the Shinigami of LNs has arrived. even aqua could not defeat it with her party magic. sad.

  • danny lim

    RIP Konosuba. You will be missed.

  • Eiryuu Shijou

    i’m begging you, can you please continue translating it?My Country isn’t on the list, i cannot find Yen Press LN releases on Google Play Store or Kindle, and i always looking forward to your fanfic very week. Is there any way you can continue translating it?

  • Evil Lord of All Pevert

    Joke aside, whats the point migrating into this side and naming all
    the translation with (fanfic). I though you guys actually have a ball
    since your team made this site an so on just to translate that (fanfic).
    But yeah, i guess i was wrong back then.

  • Anon

    So this is why /a/ has been raging, again. Anyway the kadokawa dmca must have been for this. And since kadokawa owns 51% of yenpress, expect digital releases

  • WellBattle6

    Are they going to be translating Giving the Wonderful World with Explosions as well? Or are they just doing the main series?

  • AnimeKnowAll

    I actually very worried about this series now. NGNL was a disaster, Mahouka was also butchered. After reading alot LN & WN I can understand that the ones in charge of those 2 series don’t give a rat’s ass what their translation could mean to the readers. They probably never even heard of the series they working on and they only do it cause its their job which is a very bad mindset to the fans. “Quality” translation are only possible if one has either experience or passion. Sky u and ur team should know best of all.

    • Kevin Christian

      Exactly. Its not like I wouldn’t buy a translated novel. The problem is that translator has a bad records.

  • kektus

    >people actually think they support the author by buying licensed garbage
    top kek
    If you want to support the author fucking import the original work.

  • Bob Casimiro

    OVERLORD VOLUME 10 incoming!!!

  • Mao

    What about the volume where Kazuma is already 20 years old and Megumin is already 17 or 18 years old? I really want to know what happens there. Please Sky, continue this fanfic until the end. I don’t want to end it on the volume 9 where it is already getting more interesting. T_T

    • EpicName

      that’s the web novel, not the light novel we have been reading

      • Mao

        Is it translated in English? Or in Japanese only?

        • EpicName

          Well there’s one guy who translated the whole thing with google translate, It’s hell. So yea only japanese only, no one can understand what google has translated. I was hoping Sky or someone eles would translate the WebNovel of konosuba.

          • Mao

            Hahahahaha thanks for the answering my question btw

          • Billy Selao

            Can you show me where you found the web novel?

  • Celyn

    all I can say is thank you very much sky-sama for translating and V.I for the pdfs

    hoping a good ending for the megumin arc (again) instead of cliffhanger

  • Megumin_lover


  • Megumin_lover

    So the volumes that will be translated last will be Explosions Volume 3, Vanir and Konosuba volume 9. Am I right?

  • Zatarang

    My heart can’t take this anymore ;-; this is the second time YP does this by the time you reach vol 9…. It was fun while it lasted

  • Panzerafen

    Yay I’m so hyped for this!

  • demigodsane

    licensing really i will be waiting about 4 or 5 years if i am lucky for it to be that short a time before they come close to catching upto where you are up to.

  • Saike

    We haven’t even seen Chunchunmaru perform yet… what a sad day.

    • Zettai Zero

      actually it got it’s performance on vol.5 although sadly it isn’t on what you have expected to be OP

  • Mao

    “All stories appearing in this site are fanfiction. Any resemblance to other works, published or not, are purely coincidental. ” This is what you said, right? That means it is your fanfic. It is purely coincidence that it resembles something similar. You started this fanfic because you want us, the fans, to appreciate it. Not because of money or license, but to share us how much you love or the burning passion you had in making this fanfic.

    Let me borrow some words from Kazuma (Konosuba Volume 2 Chapter 5/ Episode 10)
    “Hey! is your love for this fanfic a real deal?! If you’re outdone by YenPress , you’ll be a disgrace! Is your love for this fanfic so wimpy, it can’t even overwhelm that thing?!

    • 漏流乃 嵐丸

      State the seventh doctrine of Axis cult!

  • Ron

    I guess no more blessings.

    As much as I enjoyed this ride, I’m not willing to pay for this, especially YP’s translation, in like 10 years or whenever they get around to it.

    And for stuff like this, it seems rare for it to ever finish or get a full anime on it either.

    Thanks Sky for everything, what are you guys planning on doing now? Time for me to start checking the main site again, I’ve only been visiting this one for a long time now.

  • sapilaut

    Well isn’t that a shame. Guess my only choice is to get the original now. YP can go suck alderp’s holy excalibur in hell. Thanks for the work up to now sky. Looking forward to the last translations of this series.

  • patgd

    is Knight’s & Magic going to start up again ?

  • Iskandar

    Eurgh, why do you have to have morals sky?! Ahh!!! XD
    But thanks for everything so far, I’ve appreciated your work!

  • Ghaleon

    well this is a serious disappointment stopping the translation when its getting more and more interesting im glad that i didnt know about this before finals week otherwise I would be too depressed to study properly and if what ive read in the comments of my fellow readers about yen presses translation is true than ill be even more disappointed when they finally get around to picking up where sky left of at sigh well i think thats enough moping for now i would like to end on a good note and say thank you so much for all your hard work sky and co also my favorite female character was Eris-Sama/Chris as for the male character its Kazuma

  • Zettai Zero

    *Plays Konosuba ED in my mind* Another Yen Press License, Another Series to be ended …. Goodbye KonoSuba although i hated Yen Press for this but i will never forget this series … TT_TT

  • Anontastic

    Hoping you reconsider, or at least that some other group picks this up at volume 10.
    You guys are the most hardcore TLs I know of, this is one of the few LN I actually care about, and I’d rather not wait 5-ish years to continue the story.

    Just give it some thought? Please?

  • FlameStrike

    Ahhh what mixed news. On the one hand, it’s good that LNs are being translated officially, on the other hand Yenpress sucks so bad at their job. Money is not an issue here. I get so much enjoyment out of Konosuba that I’d gladly pay 10, 20, or even 30 dollars for a volume. My problem is not that they are blocking fan translations. My problem is that they do not seem to want my money. Yenpress releases are NOTORIOUSLY GODDAMN FUCKING SLOW HOLYSHIT. Someone mentioned their abysmal translation pace for To Aru in this comment thread. The fact that their translation pace does not even compare to the speed and only has similar quality to free translations outputted by loving fans (THANK YOU SKYTHEWOODTL TEAM YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!) tells me they don’t really care at all about the material or its fans.

    Honestly despite my burning hatred for Yenpress, if they released volume 9 or 10 etc in like a few months, I would totally buy it in a heartbeat. Digital distribution would be very much prefered, but I wouldn’t mind ordering a physical copy either. Come on Yenpress step up your game. There are people like me who would pay you guys despite their hatred for you to get their anime/manga/ln fix.

  • Mckillmyself

    On one hand, I feel glad at the idea that I can have these books on my shelf finally.
    On the other, I realize that by time Yen Press gets to translating volume 9, if they do, I could of already finished learning Japanese and just read the originals.
    I mean really, we’re looking at least 2 – 3 years before they reach volume 9, judging by some of the other series that they’re translated.
    So basically it’ll be a few years before I get to see any new Konosuba. Rest in spaghetti, I won’t forgetti.

    Thanks for your translation work. I just wish you’d reconsider. Perhaps remove the older translations as the officials are released but keep translating the new?

  • Me?

    Thanks for all the translations! They’ve been a great help to all of us who wanted to enjoy this wonder of a series 😊

    It’s sad that volume 9 would be the last, and there’s nothing I can do to stop you from stopping, as translating and dodging DCMA has been difficult and rough, but I’d like it if you’d give it a second thought and do your best to translate this series to the very end.

    It’s just so sad for me to have another beloved light novel series cease being translated because of that damned Yen Press!

    I’m not forcing you or anything, and if this somehow comes across as something like emotional blackmail, I apologize and I’d like to say in advance that that is the farthest thing from my intention, but all I want is to have this series be seen through until the end without being stopped by that damned Yen Press. I’m selfish, I know, but I’d like you to at least try to think about it.

    Once again, thank you for everything! Sorry for the long comment.

  • EpicName

    Will you guys start translating the webnovel of konosuba after vol 9? i don’t know if it’s licensed or not.

  • Kevin Choi

    Would I be correct in saying this project is “genuine” fanfic ?

  • Koroshite

    Hey guys, i have 2 question for now i hope u guys can explain
    1: The 7th ln (Volume 7: 110 Millions Bride (Priceless Bride) is out right?
    2: Now yenpress got the rights u guys not gonna translate anyways?

  • tobi

    I want to ask… is the etire volume and chapters that updated here are a fanfic? Or a fans translation… since i want to know are the story i read are following the original works or not…

  • MrJc

    God i hate the shitty translations yen press does. I mean in mahouka the sister doesn’t even call him onii-sama or anything like it. They butcher the translation so bad. Hell you can’t even google onii sama without seeing tatsuya. It’s just sad how fan translators do such a better job than yen press and in half the time. I implore you please don’t quit translating this. I really don’t want to see yen press ruining this too. Regardless though thank you for all your great and hard work so far with this. It’s a been a huge joy to be able to read it.

  • Loli Hunter :3 ロリーハンター

    every single fucking book from YP sold on amazon costs 10$ shipping to my country. FUCK

  • Maccheese

    Kinda new here. And also very late. Been reading japanese LNs since SAO (no judging books are lovely). And that has been from the age of 14 to now, 16. And like many people, we cant buy these kind of books in america. Not because it doesnt ship, but because imagine the shit wed catch for it. Yen Press has fucked me in the ass with literally every novel i have wanted to read. A book or two from the end, then i wakeup to find my favorite translator for that series to be taken down by DMCA and never heard of again… money grubbint bastarts

  • FlyingJetpack 1

    It’s really sad to hear that you guys will have to back off from this title now. As much as I’m happy that an official release is in the works now, i know that it will take them years to catch up to the current volume, which means I won’t get to read volume 10. It happens to all the light novels I love, i follow them for a long time, then they either get dropped or go to official translation.
    I understand your decision to support the original creator, it’s just that it feels like bad news more than good news. The light novel is almost over (at least it feels like it from how they talked all nostalgic in volume 9) so I just wished they’d license this title after volume 10 is out and translated ;~;
    I guess i will get to read it in a few years but i think i will forget almost everything by then.

  • Shoganena Haskashi

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  • Shoganena Haskashi

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    • WatcherA

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