Konosuba character popularity poll results are out!

The results are out.

Translation done by ShinraBanshou108 from Reddit.


1st Place: Megumin

“My name is Megumin. She who holds the most popularity in this series and has won the throne of main character.” The one who will strike down the Demon Lord and desires to gain the title of True Demon Lord! Now, my comrades who have been charmed by the allure of explosion magic. Walk with me along the path of explosion!

2nd Place: Eris

“Aaaahh, What to do, what to do, Senpai’s definitely going to get mad at me….!” Or rather, even though I haven’t had much screentime, how am I so high up…!? Well, of course I’m happy! To have received votes from so many people, I’m of course really happy! A comment, some sort of comment…. May not just this world that I watch over, but the world in which you all live in be peaceful!

3rd Place: Iris

“Dear Onii-sama. I came in 3rd place! I worked hard!” Onii-sama, have you been in good health (lit. Have you not caught a cold)? Onii-sama has no defense against women so getting involved without a care with someone is no good, okay? Onii-sama dies easily too, so going to dangerous places is also no good. And, and…. Next time I will work even harder so…. please, will you play with me again?

4th Place: Aqua

“How the hell did I lose to Eris? Something’s wrong. Something’s clearly wrong here!” I can sense some dirty work by Eris apostles. Axis cult members may be low in number, but each one is capable and talented, so each of their votes should count about 10 times. In the first place, I’m the main character, so a special PV or something should have been prepared just for me. In addition, more like (cut off)

5th Place: Yunyun

“I’m in 5th place? Eh, this isn’t some kind of mistake, I’m really in 5th place? E-, eh?! 5th place as in 5th from the top, right?” Out of 15 people, I’m 5th!? This is probably that right, if I get happy about it, you’ll say something like “What, you took it seriously? Did you think you could make a bunch of friends in one go or something?”….That’s wrong?….Even if I get so nervous that I can’t speak, if someone would still be with me it would be nice…

6th Place: Darkness

“Neither in the top nor bottom spots, what a strange placing….” Kazuma would probably say something like what an ordinary placing. No, if it’s Kazuma, he’d surely say something like this. “You really can’t get it together can you? Do you not have any redeeming features other than your toughness and your eroticism? It can’t be helped, I’ll make you some new traits!”. Then Kazuma would put his hands on my (could be referring to his clothes instead) clothes..(cut off)

7th Place: Wiz

“T-Thank you very much! So I’m in 7th place!” Even though I’m an undead and my body temperature is so low that just being around me during the winter is enough to feel cold, I came in 7th! To think that so many people cast votes for me….! Wait, if I have so many people cheering for me, why do no customers come to my shop?

8th Place: Kazuma

“This is strange, isn’t it? Nono, the fact that I’m 8th is weird, right…” Hm? Wasn’t I the protagonist? I’m the main character Kazuma-san, right? Then what’s with 8th place? Was I not the main character? Aren’t there usually special treatment (guess) for the main character, you know, stuff like this or that, all kinds of stuff. You know, stuff that kind of gets some more votes or something. Actually, let’s look at this in a positive light and be thankful that there are people cheering for a HikiNEET…!

9th Place: Komekko

“Is 9th place tasty? More importantly, I want to eat warm food.” It’s already been 3 days since I last ate. Mom and Dad went out. Big sis is probably alive somewhere. She might be dead. If you see my big sis dead somewhere, I’ll need to make a grave so please let me know…..More importantly, I want to eat food…

10th Place: Vanir

“Fuhahahaha! I hear that the ones that came after me are a chick and a cat (non-humans)” The unpopular ones who came after those two, just what kind of face (not sure on this one) will they make as they live from now on! As a special service for my coming in 10th, I will change into a half-naked beautiful girl and….Whoops! It looks like that’s all the time I get for my spot! Too bad!

11th Place: Emperor Zell

“Piyo! (It appears to be angry that it did not get 1st)”

12th Place: Chomusuke

“Funao-” (some sort of SE). (Appears to be angry that it lost to a chick)

13th Place: Luna

“I, who’s been called the beautiful receptionist lady, lost to a cat and a chick? That’s a lie, right? You’re lying, right?” Wait, just wait a second. Please say it’s a lie! Noooo, even though I’m working this hard everyday, what’s with me losing to a cat and a chick! I want to quit my job! I want to quit my job and go back to my parents’ home! Please, someone support (support as in provide for) me….

14th Place: Chris

Recruiting members for the Silver Haired Thieves’ Group!

1st, Absolutely follow the orders of the boss! 2nd, Don’t sexually harass the boss! 3rd, It’d be nice if you are a member of the Eris Church!

Those who follow the above, go see the Silver Haired Thieving Groups’s Axel branch chief Satou Kazuma…!

*Even though she wasn’t technically one of the 15 options, write-in votes got her to this rank.

15th Place: Dust

“I didn’t come in last? In other words, there’s someone out there who’s just as messed up as me, huh.” What can I say, there’s all sorts out there. Guess that means that someone wants to see scenes with a punk like me? I don’t need something like popularity, so just lend me money. Seriously, popularity? I don’t need something like that. Popularity won’t fill my stomach….What…..Want to go get beer together?

16th Place: Mitsurugi

“I-it’s okay. It’s not like I’m a hero because I wanted to be popular or anything.” And I heard that there were some additional votes that had my name wrong, too. If you include those….Huh? Even with those, I’m in 16th? I-is that right. No, it’s fine. It’s completely fine. After all, I’m the hero chosen by the goddess of water Aqua-sama, so something like this doesn’t (cut off)


Notable mentions
17: Pink Suspenders (Anime only Mohawk bearded guy)
18: Rin
19: Cecil (Explosion spin off Axis nun)
20: Zesta (Explosion spin off Axis Bishop)
21: Natsume Akatsuki(Author)
21: Cabbage
23: Arue
24 Tranquility girl
24: Hyoizaburo
26: Giant Toads
26: Succubus
28: Jack Frost (Winter General)
28: Demon King

30: Sena
30: Chunchunmaru
30: Destroyer
30: Dullahan (beldia)
30: Buzucoily (Bukkorori)
30: Makuragi (Mitsurugi)
30: Megumin’s panties

37: Claire
37: Suwatinaze (Random Female Orc)
37: Soketto (Female teleporting Crimson Magic Mage)
37: Researcher who built the Destroyer
37: Dodonko (Crimson Magic Student)
37: Neroid (Drink)
37: Funifura (Crimson Magic Student)
37: Matsuragi (Mitsurugi)
37: Kurone Mishima (Novel Illustrator)
37: Yuiyui
37: Rain (Princess’ mage)

46: Angel that showed up in the 1st chapter of the anime
46: Alderp
46: Lumberjack who encountered Tranquility girl
46: Inada Tetsu (popular voice actor that fills some extra roles in the anime, like a random ruffian, a random adventurer or the stable boy’s voice)
46: Magic tool that beeps when lying
46: The thugs from the capital (Megumin picked on them in V6)
46: Katsuragi (Mitsurugi)
46: Director (probably for anime)
46: Chris’s pebble (steal lesson)
46: Chris’s panties
46: Girl that Kazuma pushed away at the beginning
46: Sylvia
46: Jarippa (baby dragon named by Megumin on a carriage)
46: Holy armor Aegis
46: Takahashi Rie (Megumin’s voice actress)
46: Darkness’s father
46: Taylor
46: Tractor
46: The first wind representing the coming of Spring (or Haru Ichiban, stage name of a comedian that died 2 years ago or the frog’s mating season)
46: Hans
46: Explosion Magic
46: Walter (Dustiness Butler)
46: The clumsy nurse famous in the hospital
46: Magic sword guy (Mitsurugi)
46: Vegetable stick
46: Lettuce
and more…


  • Nguyen minh thang

    100m chicken egg….piyo

    • Village Idiot

      Obviously its a Dragon Chick.

      Aqua would never get suckered into buying a 100m chicken egg.

      She’s not stupid.

      • B-Dom

        … Yeah, just look at her stats on the adventure card. It’s not like it’s even maxed yet, as she levels it’ll have an overwhelming increase.

        • Phoenix

          Yup. Every time she levels, she gains another new party skill! Earn enough and she will definitely increase her int to unbelievable (low) levels!

      • Kevin Schwarz

        Oh really? Like really? It’s Aqua-sama we are talking about…

  • Arswar

    well…maybe , the reason aqua cult vs eris cult in the next volume is this??

  • NegiXNodoka

    glad that megumin won that considering that I voted her :3 also I just noticed the new addition to kazuma’s rag tag group in the 15 contestants in the popularity contest

  • Adventurer Kazuma

    Trying to translate the rest but I can’t do all especially the one with kanji, also because there are many unfamiliar name

    20.Zesuta (zester?)
    26.Giant toad
    Dullahan (beldia)
    Bukkorori (No, don’t ask me)
    Makuragi (probably typo of Mitsurugi)
    Megumin’s panties
    Suwatinaze (???)
    Matsurugi (another typo)
    46.Blacksmith who made chunchunmaru
    Thug from capital
    Katsuragi (at this point I can’t help but think they do it on purpose)
    Chris’s rock (probably from steal lesson)
    Chris’s panties (again from steal lesson)
    The ripper
    Holy armor Aigis
    Takahashi Riyo
    The famous clumsy girl from hospital – Susan
    The guy with cursed sword (seriously no one remember his name)

    • /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

      Thanks, Mitsuragi is really pitiful…

    • Kemm

      “Bukkorori” should be the dead girl from Kazuma’s mansion (bukko means “death” and rori is “loli”).
      “Makuragi” means either “pillow wood” or “railroad tile/sleeper” (those wood planks that connect the beams on a railroad track).

      37: (4) Researcher who built the Destroyer
      (6) Neroid (I believe that it was either a monster or a drink)
      (9) Mishima Kurone (the illustrator)
      (10) Yuiyui

      46: Angel that showed up in the 1st chapter of the anime [“nurse-san”->”nurse”)
      The guy of the magic sword
      Vegetable stick
      and more… [<-like this in the original]

      • Adventurer Kazuma

        So many mistake on my part lol

        • Skythewood

          Okay, updated the whole thing.

          • Kemm

            I don’t believe that “Bukkorori” is Buzucoily, but the ghost girl (it literally means “death loli”).

            All of the “misspellings” with Mitsurugi’s name were the names Kazuma and Aqua came up because they didn’t remember his real name, including “the guy with the magic sword”. However, no one has ever said wrong Buzucoily’s name (unless it happens in a yet to see here chapter of the spin-off), and the difference in spelling is notable enough for it to be too much of a coincidence that it reached 30th rank (i.e. at least 3 votes) as a careless misspelling.

          • Skythewood

            can you check buzz’s name in the LN against the one on the poll please. And jap will use ghost girl of the mansion (most likely with kanji) to refer to it. Or use katakana instead of hiragana.

          • Kemm

            Checked the names of the people of the Crimson Magic Race and how chuuni/DQN are their names.

            “Bukkorori-” is indeed the one translated as “Buzucoily”, but the meaning behind the name is what I previously mentioned (I don’t know how could the Chinese change his name so much.

            It’s not “Funifura”, but “Funifura” (and Megumin sometimes calls her “Funikura”). The name seems to be a cmpound onomatopeis of “funifuni” (to rub something soft) and “fura” (tremble, wobble); Megumin’s version means exactly the same, but sounds a bit like “funicular”.

          • Skythewood


          • Kemm

            I know that Emperor Zell is the correct name and that Jack Frost is just a localization (came it from Chinese it would have been still the opriginal Winter General, as it’s a character from Chinese mythology exported to Japan).
            I mentioned “chinese” since 1) you’ve repeatedly said you translate from chinese sources and 2) the changes to the name, as stated in my (purely rethorical) question, are notable (Bukkoroli- -> ぶっころりー; Buzucoily -> ぶずこいりー), so it made me suppose that there was some loss in translation (and most likely twice).

      • Nobody

        I thought “Bukkorori” would be Buzucoily from Home of the Crimson Magic.

        • Kemm

          Too different when written and he’s not the guy with the magic sword, so less chances for his name to be misspelled so many times for it to reach the 30th rank; had it been just a single voter mistyping it, it would be 45 with all the other one-voters (I know that it’s currently 46, but if you take this one out from 30th, all of the following go up a rank).

  • www

    well you could say that it was… an explosive win.

    Let me escort myself out.

    • Deadpool

      It was… blown out of proportion.

    • Blahtoto

      Yep and it was a BIG BOOM……………

      I’m coming with you……….

    • Well, the results were……mind blowing.

    • Makoryuu8211

      Megumin can gave anyone a BLOW job

      • RFX on the Internet

        Whoa there

        • DerpyDude

          Mecree is that you

    • SadWeeb

      You think that the winner’s a loli? Too bad, it’s actually moi!

  • where’s chris’ pebbles and panties?

    • Phoenix

      Rank 46 (lol). Can’t believe people actually sent those votes in

  • TJToIC

    I just curious.. Can overall vote for *ahem* Eris be #1

    • H4T5UK1 .

      Yeah, I think so too, I mean, clearly, if they recount the votes by character, then Eris definetly number 1… Too bad there is no wallpaper for 2nd and 3rd place. I would really like to have an Eris and Iris wallpaper too…

    • GitahMuttan

      from what the hosts of the show said, the gap between 1 and 2 is quite big. So I think it’s safe to say that even if you add up the “Eris” votes, it will still be not enough to get #1.

  • midniss

    Emperor zell hatch? I thought that was realy a dragon egg

    • quigonkenny

      You and Aqua both.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        And me! I thought the “chick” thing was a joke! … But then again Vanir-sama is the strongest… shame on doubting Vanir-sama!

  • Blade Mailik

    can tell me where that chicken(rank 11th) appear?
    i reaad till vol 6 n cant recall him

    • Abezethibod

      It’s the dragon (egg) that appears in the 7th volume

  • Jili lili gili cili Cg

    what happened to Jack Frost?

    • Phoenix

      That’s Winter General

  • Phoenix

    “Accel branch chief Satou Kazuma”
    I thought it was “Axel” or have I been reading the wrong thing the whole time?

  • Adryan Eka Vandra

    Megumin is Love, Megumin is Life

  • Ichsan Nur

    All hail the lolis…

  • Cristfal Magno

    I think I now know why they didn’t originally added Chris in the poll and was added only after written votes, since vol.2 to the recent ones Chris is already the disguised Eris from the hints it showed so far

  • Faiz Sufrikhan

    YES! MEGUMIN! This one is proud

  • Ehhh-chan

    Magic Sword Guy haha poor Katsuragi 😛

    Megumin’s Panties xD

    • Kevin Schwarz

      If you’re gonna feel pity for some guy, at least make the effort to remember his name properly! – xD

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Best character won alright! Poor Kazuma, being an a-hole didn’t help him this time lol

  • Nice

  • kyle cyrus

    Megumin up top, no surprise there, 2nd and 3rd are good too, but why is aqua 4th?

  • Loli Hunter :3 ロリーハンター

    top 3 tho
    megumin wins isn’t surprising since she got over 10 volumes (incl. her spin off)she’s in
    eris is not too surprising since she appears a tiny bit in almost every volumes
    but iris (best girl) tho, 1 volume made her to the top three

  • Alan Wen

    Lel that double entry

  • JustSODA

    Why was “Chris’ panties” and “Megumin’s panties” there?

  • Randy Lark

    Tractor?! Lettuce?! Magic tool that beeps when lying?!

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