(Fanfic) Consulting with this Masked Devil! Volume 1 Epilogue


Translator: yuNS

“––Like this, the store owner that was reborn as a Lich. After that, the demon king requested that she – as compensation for her rampage through the castle – become one of the demon king generals that maintain the barrier. Though her companions were freed from the premonition of death, she was no longer human, and thus she retired from being an adventurer. She decided to open a store in the town where she first met her companions. Having told them that if they were tired, they could come around to play anytime, she awaits their arrival in this store. Rumor has it that one of her former companions died in a fierce battle against a large bounty target, but even so, this this spirited store owner continues to wait for their arrival.”


“Since then, the militant store owner has become completely jaded. As of present, she gives the impression of extreme meekness. Sometimes Moi wonder where the one that said ‘I have come to fulfill our promise!’ is. Ah, where has that disciplined, forward-facing and powerful magician disappeared to…!”

“Vanir-san, Vanir-san…”

With a troubled expression, Wiz tugged on Moi sleeves.

“What is it? Moi was wondering whether to tell the tale of how Moi managed to taste interesting and strange negative emotions from the demon king’s subordinates, or the tale of how much the demon king cried after the thieving store owner took as she pleased from the treasury, only to open a store in the castle…”

“T-That’s not it, um, Aqua-sama has…”

Moi looked at where Wiz was pointing, and saw the goddess sleeping comfortably on the tabletop. Ignorant to the situation around her, the goddess drooled as she slept.

“…If she is in this defenseless state, then Moi should use Moi sure-kill death ray to send her to her grave.”

“That’s wrong you know!? Since she seems to be sleeping so comfortably, let just leave her be alright?”

Wiz, who, as usual, was soft towards the goddess, smiled wryly at Moi.

Then, Wiz pleasantly smiled at the soundly sleeping goddess and continued to happily sip her tea.

Moi suppose that just for today, Moi would leave this goddess be.

After all, today was a very special day for this store owner.

At the very least, this day should be passed peacefully.

“Vanir-san, you seem to be in a good mood. How should I say this… you’re only in a good mood when you’re plotting something… So what is it? What are you planning to do today?”

To categorize Moi as a troublemaker such as thyself is disrespectful. Moi merely used Moi power to see the future, and foresaw that a little event will occur today.

Yes, Moi enjoyed seeing a human’s surprised expression.

“A little event? As in, the customers will finally come to understand the value of our merchandise, or that the store will become prosperous…?”    

“That would be called a huge incident, not a small event.”

Moi glanced sideways at comfortably sleep goddess on the table, and turned Moi attention toward the door of the store.

Through Moi actions, Wiz seems to have also noticed that a customer was coming.

As the door opened, Wiz’s expression changed from surprise, to nostalgia, to a warm, gentle smile.

The customers that entered the store carried a child. They were two familiar, former adventurers––

〈The End〉


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