• razia

    Kazuma and friend, first time meet indeed king lich

  • VA-11

    Thank you so much! This definitely fills the void in the anime where they didn’t properly explain the meeting between kazuma + party and Wiz. I hope they do another drama cd for the party exchange part between Kazuma’s party and Dust’s party in the beginning.

  • Relaxing Tomato

    Gifting this world with unexpected translations

  • Gin-chan

    Link please. To yuNS blog, I mean

  • ozon ajah

    link to yuns blog please

    • yuNS

      Just click the link! (Fanfic) KonoSuba Drama CD 1

      (if it doesn’t work you can just go to crimsonmagic.me)

  • Adventurer Kazuma

    Is there any drama CD or OVA about exchange party with Dust’s party?