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/a/ sings Konosuba ending
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  • Chinpokomon

    This is Awesome!!!! Great Fanfics!!!!

  • Village Idiot

    PDFs for every volume:

    NOTE: If you’ve had my previous versions
    for vol 1-4, already, please re-download as those were made when I was
    first starting to make PDFs. I’ve recently updated them, fixed the text
    formating, and included the missing images for vol 3-4.

    http://www.mediafire.com/?udbc… – Vol 1
    http://www.mediafire.com/?723b… – Vol 2
    http://www.mediafire.com/?jgzy… – Vol 3
    http://www.mediafire.com/?edq4… – Vol 4
    http://www.mediafire.com/?ytun… – Vol 5
    http://www.mediafire.com/?1ff6… – Vol 6

  • traitorAIZEN

    Just sharing my humble version of PDFs Vol 1-6

  • still no new fanfic?? i need my weekly dose of meguminium

  • Village Idiot

    Making a new post because I completely failed at doing it right the first time and this’ll make it easier for everyone

    http://www.mediafire.com/download/udbct416aatfy3k – Vol 1
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/723bfkgx9nx0h86 – Vol 2
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/jgzyb45y8079gf3 – Vol 3
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/edq4yooutvtxxxv – Vol 4
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/ytun0bl0412ng9w – Vol 5
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ff67w3r9aallon – Vol 6

    Hopefully I didn’t fail post this time >.>

    • Oppai Dragon

      Thank you! I tend to read stuff like this on my tablet while on-the-go, so PDF links are a godsend.

    • ClarionMemoria

      Thanks for the hard work 🙂

    • Village Idiot

      I’m re-reading the series and making formating edits as I go.

      Just fixed Vol 2’s spacing issues. Re-download if you want.

      • mors

        Downloaded v01-02, are you updating the rest too? I’ll wait, then…

        • Village Idiot

          Ya, once I’ve re-read through them, I’ll be editing as I go.

    • tubers


    • Vitor Ribeiro


    • Village Idiot

      Vol 7


      Explosion Vol 1


      Note: Links will be dead soon due to DMCA. Will be moving to a different host.

      • reihangima

        wow!! thanks for the PDFs man!!

        that was really fast 😀

        • Richard Renz Balucio

          just woke up and found the completed vol 7 and i was like wtaf!?
          thanks man. one less boring day thanks to you

          • Oppai Dragon

            Agreed! I rechecked this site on a whim and was pretty surprised/grateful to see that Volume 7 had been completed. The PDFs are a godsend.

      • Diego

        Thanks for the PDFs

      • Fastbownsmt

        just a suggest man, , it is better to move the hosting download, Google drive for example, because your file become private and have a longer lifetime

      • Oppai Dragon

        Thanks for continuing to support us with those PDF downloads! 🙂

      • simsz


      • Dildrave

        What is DMCA??, yen press??

    • Yaj

      Many thanks for making PDFs of the volumes, but I cant download volumes 3-5 because they are set to private.

    • John Dhale Ople Esquivel

      the link for vol 3, 4, and 5 is dead
      please fix T_T

    • Trigger

      Urg… I was too late… Links for vol 3-5 are dead T.T
      Anyway thank you very much for the hard work. I really enjoy reading this LN.

    • krudelu

      have u tried putting them in a rar file and renaming the file names? also try putting password on it as well just in case 🙂

    • Drace

      Any chances you’ll do Vol 2 of EXPLOSION?

    • Kuroi Ame

      vol 3-5 said it was deleted :'(

    • SerDuncanTheTall
    • NEETisLEET

      any chance of reuploading them?

    • Moises Segovia

      could you please reuploading the vol cause they are delete Please real thanks.

    • Hikari

      Hey village idiot, some guys and I are translating the no game no life novel volume 9, but we don’t have high quality images or anyone to do the pdf, would you be interested in helping us?

  • Vitor Ribeiro

    I have a doubt, fanfic is the same as web novel?

    • Ice Phantom

      The only distinction between fanfiction and web novels (webfiction) is that the former uses someone else’s setting or characters.
      That has to be it. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Vitor Ribeiro


  • Ice Phantom

    Here are some PDFs and ePUBs for KonoSuba. I will just share a folder here, and it will be updated as a whole volume is completely translated.
    Files made by: Me

  • Diego

    Thanks man, I even cried a bit (seriously, like, a happiness tear) after seeing this.

  • PereBK

    I’m still waiting for the third chapter of Volume 7.

  • Gabriel Diaz

    Hi does someone knows where to get the “drawings”?

    I remember there was chinese (I think) page.

    Please and sorry

  • DDT
    • dark_heero00

      vanir is the main in that spin off!? whoa… O-O i hope someone will pick it up xD

    • Paulo Dechosa

      Is this one different from volume 8?

  • Lukas

    Sky, can you create a night mode? My eyes burned from reading with this much light.

  • Vorachot Vasuchot

    love this

  • Add Kim

    How often are these getting updated?

  • Tōsaku akuma

    Umm. This is still being released in a couple novel rss sites like novelupdates as gifting. Can you request to them to put this as a ‘fanfic’ in the name like here? Dont want people to make mistakes here. Heh~

  • Elson Yaras

    thnx for this

  • Long Nguyen

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I click the Explosion Fanfic Volume 1 Chapter 4, it brings me to Volume 1 Chapter 3 of the Explosion Fanfic

  • Anontastic

    How is it you work 100 times faster than most TL groups when it’s just you and one other guy (I think)?

  • Appel_Stroop

    That moment when the starting village has the same name as the village you live in, Axel.

  • Mikan

    is the link to vol 6 chapter 3 broken?

    • Chett

      Vol 6, chapter 4 link seems to be broken.

  • Village Idiot

    Just got DMCA’d by mediafire for hosting the PDFs.

    Anyone got another site to host?

    • Rain

      Mega, solidfiles, or 7z them before uploading

      • Village Idiot

        Looks like I can’t post mega links. Tried twice and both times got deleted.

        • GitahMuttan

          google drive? dropbox?

  • Village Idiot

    New PDF links


    Currently Vol 1-7 Gifting, Vol 1 Explosion

    Vol 1-5 of Gifting are updated versions.

    • Village Idiot

      Updated with Explosion Vol 2

      • Digit

        Will you also do ‘Gifting This Sacred Armor With A Master!’, ‘Gifting this talented advisor with responsibilities!’ and ‘Gifting Beautiful Fireworks To The Night Sky!?

        • Digit

          Bah nevermind it, got confused for a bit there. Meant something else.

    • Village Idiot

      New updates on Vol 7 and Explosion Vol 1

    • Village Idiot

      Updated with Vol 8

    • jimbo00

      dropbox down… mirror please.

      • Village Idiot
        • Ardhinata Juari


        • argeist

          thank you

        • jimbo00


        • Jhon Key

          Thanks for this 😆

        • mors

          Thanks mate!

        • Village Idiot

          Updated with Explosion 3

          Gifting 8 and Explosion 2 updated

        • Village Idiot

          Consulting and Gifting 9 added.

          NOTE: All files will be deleted at the end of September.

          All volumes have been updated with a proper Credits page.

          If you’re planning on sharing the files in the future, please use the updated ones, thank you.

  • Lihuel Gili

    Ty a lot for your hard work in the fanfic. In case you need it I have the japanese epub volume number 8 of this amazing fanfic

  • Titan tiiits

    I have Volume 8 raw. anyone need it?

    • reihangima

      hey! i need the raw man!

      I’ll be really thankful if you can share it :3

      • Titan tiiits

        msg me your email. ill send it to you.

  • Sinnoh

    does anyone have any epubs for the volumes?

    • Sinnoh

      nvm just saw it, now to wait for an epub of the spinoff

  • Tatsumi

    Anyone know what’s going on with Volume 8?

  • Nizglem

    Just wanted to let you know we all appricate what you guys do. Keep up the fanfic

  • Hiroyuki

    Are you going to make a fanfic of volume 8?

  • Steph Shimonee

    Freshly baked Epubs. Volumes 1 – 7


    [This EPUB is manually created and not a converted pdf.]

  • Chaos

    When will Vol 8 prologue & Chapter 1 be out? T,T translator-san does quite a good progress with Explossion, but it’s leaving gifting off the charts T.T

  • this one, fanfic or real ??

    • Christophe Zhipeng Lin

      “Fanfic” ofc! There is no real translation.

      • now i understand xD

        • Christophe Zhipeng Lin

          It’s a fanfic. If it’s a translation it would be deleted by DMCA!

  • Cvxcvgg

    I love how this fanfic is 100% true to canon… ;P

  • TE

    fanfic means that this is a ‘original’ story made my a fan right?

    so it’s not a fan translation project right?

    sorry i am bit confused

  • Mao

    When will be the next update for Volume 8 and Explosion Volume 3?

  • Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

  • Xee-rather

    i’m kinda confused here.. so all of this is a fanfic ? not the original konosuba that was translated ? if so , why it needs translator ? i just start watching the anime, and i’m kinda curious about how the story will progress . so thanks a lot . ( i know someone had already asked this.. but i want to make sure )

  • holo010

    is vol 8 and 9 going to be translation?

  • argeist

    nice work on translate, thanks a lot 😉

  • LonesomeLoner

    Thanks for the translations especially the pdfs… :’)

  • holo010

    thank you for vol 8.

  • Senkō shimasu Yuusha

    Did anyone make explosion v2 pdf yet?

    • argeist

      its on the dropbox list already, check it

  • Jason Huang

    Does anyone has epub vol 2-3 megumim spin-off?

  • argeist

    woah nice work on volume 8, i just checked the release for anime ova and that remind me to check the LN here, and boom volume 8 alr reach epilogue (yay)

  • zcastillo

    Any mirrors for Blessings 8 and Explosions 2? The Dropbox account was disabled due to heavy traffic.

  • bill_doors

    Several chapters of Volume 8 seem to be missing now. 1, 2, and 3 I think.

  • Gerlou East Gujilde

    Some chapters say “Error establishing a database connection”
    what happened? i thought that it wont get DMCA because it is a different hostsite………. 🙁

  • Von Mark


  • novel in polish

    zacząłem tłumaczyć nowelkę na język polski, możecie znaleźć moje tłumaczenia tutaj :


    • Tłumaczenie na język polski

      Zmieniłem bloga (łatwiej mi prowadzić w wordpressie) jeśli ktoś chce czytać po polsku to śmiało wchodzić :
      Dopiero zaczynam, ale planuję tłumaczyć regularnie 🙂

  • LittleFun

    volume 8 PDF download link?

  • Opinionsdontmatter

    Curses! Foiled by the YP!

  • Tłumaczenie na język polski

    Zacząłem tłumaczyć nieodpłatnie tą novelkę na język polski 😉
    Wszelka pomoc i wsparcie będą mile widziane 🙂
    tu macie linka do blogga z tłumaczeniami

  • Will Explosion be taken down too?

    • Ice Phantom

      Well, did anyone say that the Bakuen series got licensed? I don’t think they have. It’s just the main series.

    • Ice Phantom

      No one said that the Bakuen series got licensed, so I don’t think so.

  • DiPz

    Does anyone have the pdf for vol 3 to the latest.. plz can i have some….. please…. please… I am very thankful for anyone who will respond to my selfishness 🙂 thanks again

    • mors

      Village Idiot has given a link just couple comments above you with latest PDFs

      • DiPz

        Vol 3 to 5 is already terminated.. that’s why im asking if anyone already sownloades it before it got terminated and asking if I can have them too. I really wish to have a copy of it before the yen press erase it all T.T

        • mors

          … I just tested the mega link from village idiot and it has all the PDFs (including v03 etc) so what are you talking about? o_0

          • Oppai Dragon

            Any chance you know the url? The comment you’re referring to is now gone and nobody else has relinked it.

          • mors

            Not sure what you’re talking about… I still see the link plain as day in the thread… (VillageIdiot’s link) https://mega.nz/#F!8RkCmThT!g5BSSVCOy65386zqpO9gbA

  • TE

    guys, i need some confirmation..
    does bakuen is the continuation of konosuba? or is it a spin off ?

    • Nayrael

      It is a prequel.

  • rezky

    need vol 8 pdf :3

  • kirbyjaymillanes

    does anyone have pdf for the mask volume 1?

  • 『Heart Underblade』

    Am i the only one refreshing then refresh again in this site to see if there’s a pdf version of mask volume lels.

  • Oppai Dragon

    Volume 9 hype!

  • scm

    Will there be epubs versions of 8, explo 3 and mask soon? Converting from pdf… does not have good results.

  • RaiZero

    Someone got the vol 9 raw? can someone email it to me?

    • linnen_elm

      May Aqua-sama bless you guys. Amen.

  • Dildrave

    Can u upload vol 8 epub and explosion vol 1,2,3.
    And great wor

  • Dildrave

    The title fanfic is very misleading

    • Zui Zui

      What are you talking about? The content is pretty much fanfic. Why would the title become misleading?

  • HeavenlyWinged

    Is the fanfic page sorted by the release order?

  • z’xern

    Are there any new links available for PDFs or EPUBs for this series cause I can’t seem to find one working?

  • duh

    It’s time to wait for the pdf for volume 9, I guess. x)

  • Any news about Volume 9 EPUB?

  • Fan of fanfic

    Any chance on writing some fanfic on Overlord and Log Horizon?

  • Golz_21

    Gracias Amigos, Thanks friends… beautiful fan-work

  • Dathard
    • Estalin Aqquepucho Solis

      thx for the epubs

    • Akemi Homura

      How do you download them?

    • Zwift

      Hi would you mind if you uploaded armaell’s epub version of crimson destiny? I missed my chance to download that. I wouldnt have ask but I’m really desperate.

  • DFlame Blazer

    (Explosion) Volume 3 ePub

    Mask Volume 1 ePub

    • Kana

      It says I need to input a decryption code

      • DFlame Blazer

        I think it should be working now.

  • Alexandr SanyaBane Chaika

    just finished reading volume 7.

    Skythewood, THANK YOU SO F***N MUCH. “Konosuba” is really interesting and very fun novel. Seems like your translation didn’t fucked up with humor and japan jokes at all! Thanks to you, that novel (among with “Tate no Yuusha (web-novel)” and “Fate”) become my most favourite universes.

  • Devid Chia

    thanks for the novel

  • Game With Pritch

    Someone! Is this fanfic or original volume?

  • M

    Any one have an epub or a mobi of volume 9? Looks like all the links I can find for volume 9 epubs or mobis are down and it looks like Armaell’s Library took them down.

  • Riley1004

    The links are dead… Can you please reupload them?

  • Edgar Jack Hernandez

    When do you turn up volume 10 or is it already?

  • Haziq PvP

    Where volume 10 ?

  • Here are Volume 10 EPUB and PDF

  • d0ntgiveup

    I know this is a dumb question but i will ask anyway.. Is this really the translation of the original light novel or this is a pure fanfic coz my mind is going to blow finding the translated versions of the ligh novel. Please clear things up for me huhuhu..

    • It’s fanfic (wink wink) ….
      But yeah, no it’s the original!

      • God

        I will miss dem meta-jokes… Damn you Yen Press.

  • Michael Delgado

    Where I can find the english translation of the images?

  • Red Akira

    Thanks men for novel

  • Wilson Fung

    Any… Scans for the Artbook?

  • V4G4X

    Why does this and yuNS say FanFic?
    Doesn’t fanfic mean some stories made up by fans and not the original author?

  • Hyozu

    VOLUME 11 ? when will you guys post it? waiting for it :3 thanks

    • mario55555

      that wont be posted here, click the NEXT button and ask there

  • Bite


  • Mauricio Cuervo

    Are we ever going to get a re-upload of the Gifting the wonderful world with blessings! OST 1, Drama Special? it was taken down 🙁 before i got to see it or know what it was about

  • Yuukei

    Anyone know when Sky will do or finish Volume 10? I’m already half-way done in Volume 8 and my friends already told me that Volume 11 came out not too long ago (seems that Volume 11 will finally be centered around Megumin and Kazuma, huehuehue…)

  • Remijio Montejo

    It says “fanfic”, does this mean this is not the actual story?

  • Whathever

    I know a lot of people asked this alredy but I don’t get it.

    Why the “fanfiction” near the title? Is this cannon or just a fanfic? I am really confused.