• Loli Hunter ロリーハンター

    There’s gonna a new spinoff with megumin, yunyun and iris soon

  • Thxfd

    Are you going to continue translating the “fanfic” of konosuba? I mean volume 10

    • TurtleGod

      I think so but they’re probably gonna do it on the other fanfic site at the link
      But idk maybe the other site is exclusively for the Megumin fanfic.

      Reglardless I’m pretty sure they’re still gonna make the fanfic about volume 10.
      If/when volume 10 comes out.

    • yuNS

      Yes~! When it comes out…

      • fadasd

        Any estimates for when it comes out?

        • yuNS

          Volume 10 comes out on October the 28th in Japan~

          • Kono Dio Da!

            http://konosuba.com/ in original site its says November 1, it got delayed?
            Well nvm, also THANK YOU GUYS i love u all 😀 *nohomo

  • SaitoChevalier

    yuNS hello , when you mean “fanfic” is it really made by fan not from the orginial LN or only

    act as a cover for translating konosuba volume 10 by saying “fanfic”?