/a/ sings Konosuba ending

After collating over 50 entries, Jason created this masterpiece. Enjoy.



  • midniss

    I hear rumor, the anime only 10-12 episode this run
    Can anyone confirm?

    • Relaxing Tomato

      10 or 11

      1 ova


    • Woop

      10 episodes only. +1 OVA in June.

      • 11 episodes according to anime news + 1 OVA with yunyun as the main character

    • Mhmm.

      • Ice Phantom

        Its been listed as an eleven episodic series. An extra episode will come out with the 9th volume of the Light Novel in June.

  • no megumin today? 🙁

  • Isse

    when next chap?

  • Blahtoto


  • Syap

    >wanted to participate
    >was actually late cause I got sick on deadline


  • donno why i keep on replaying this. ^_^

  • God

    Holy shit. Someone got /a/ to work together in something. And it’s actually great and serious. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?!

    Oh wait. Someone said “fuck you /a/” by the end, it’s all good.